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will you marry me?

When the party has been going on for a few hours but no one has left yet, everyone is called into the main room. (The dragons will have a sufficient view if they prefer to perch at the outer doors.)

Angela has worked out a ceremony that will satisfy the involved parties, a reworking of standard Samarian traditions with some revised wording and adjustments for the fact that the groom inhabits two bodies. This ceremony, unlike the elven one, doesn't involve any jewelry.

And then Sarion and her beloved are married. Again.
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A fluffy cream-colored cat with dark points of color is weaving through the legs of the crowd like he owns the place. There is a nametag clipped to his fur that says his name is Cricket and he is from Chronicle.

He comes across an unshod foot, accompanied by an unpanted leg, and, well, really, that's just not polite.

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Celo does not have any kind of detailed comprehension here, but nymphs are connected enough to the natural world that he picks up on tone and topic.

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"Mow," says Cricket emphatically. He is just as entitled as everyone to have opinions and it is highly offensive when anyone thinks differently.
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"No shit," says Celo, "but everyone else who's given me a hard time for walking around naked was wearing clothes at the time."
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"Meow mew meow!" Cricket is wearing fur. He is beautiful, fluffy, and perfectly modest in so doing.
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"Great," sighs Celo. "Well, get used to it, I technically live in the Enchanted Forest now."
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Cricket sniffs disdainfully and flicks his tail. "Mrow."
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"I'm a nymph," he says tiredly. "Nymphs don't wear clothes. That's just a thing."
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"Mewow," opines Cricket, glancing around at the distinctly non-native location in which Celo finds himself.
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"You know what, I don't actually give a shit," says Celo.
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"Mrow," says Cricket. No good can come of people who are not his magician understanding him, apparently, his cleverness falls on deaf ears.
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Celo makes a rude gesture and freecasts away.
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Cricket resumes weaving through the crowd, supremely unconcerned.